Doing software for people, not for computers!

Our team of experts specialize on software development by the exact needs of our customers. Don't worry about complicated systems when it could be done easy!

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What do we do?

We have a great team of experts and specialists, helping you with any IT problem you could have.

Analysis and development

The development of custom information systems respects the knowledge and needs of customers and brings know-how from the development of our own software solutions. The development of information systems is a suitable alternative to the offered ready-made solutions, which means that the final product perfectly meets the needs of the client.

Consultations and advisory

We will help you with the choice of strategy and technology, purchasing, installation and configuration. We understand the needs of small and large companies and we are able to provide solutions.

Management and monitoring

Network and system management includes server configuration, client setup, network monitoring and data backup, as well as maintenance and expansion of the existing network. With this service, our clients get a highly qualified partner for a fraction of the price of their own IT technician.

24/7 support

We are ready to solve all problems that may occur when working with IT technologies. Our team of analysts, programmers and IT specialists is ready to lend a helping hand in any situation.

Our products

We have a portfolio of our own system solutions, which we can offer you as ready-made solutions.

Our system solution for comprehensive collection, management and presentation of data from geological, hydrogeological, remediation and other locations will help you manage data efficiently, quickly and clearly. No more hours spent rewriting data and calculations.

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The innovative application etrenink is a portal for automated training of sports club players. The portal prepares a training plan for players tailored to their performance and regularly performs their testing and diagnostics. It allows clubs and coaches to have a complete overview of their charges and their performance.

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